Insurance Requirements

Promoters or Contractors conducting special events on City property or public right-of-way of the City of Fredericksburg shall provide the City a certificate of insurance evidencing the coverage and coverage provisions identified herein. Contractors shall provide the City evidence that all subcontractors performing work on the project have the same types and amounts of coverage as required herein or that the subcontractors are included under the contractor’s policy. The City, at its own discretion, may require a certified copy of the policy.

All insurance companies and coverage must be authorized by the Texas Department of Insurance to transact business in the State of Texas and must be acceptable to the City of Fredericksburg.

Listed below are the types and amounts of insurance required. The City reserves the right to amend or require additional types and amounts of coverage or provisions depending on the nature of the event.

Type of Insurance  Minimum Amount of Insurance Provisions
Commercial General (Public) Liability
to include coverage for:
  • Premises / Operations
  • Products / Completed Operations
  • Independent Contractors
  • Personal Injury
  • Contractual Liability
  • Liquor Liability
$1,000,000 per occurence,
$2,000,000 general aggregate;


$2,000,000 Products / Completed
Operations Aggregate
City of be listed as additional insured
and provided 30-day notice of
cancellation or material change in
coverage.  City to be provided a
waiver of subrogation.  Coverage shall
be provided by an insurer possessing
an A-VII. A. M. Best Rating.
Business Auto Liability
$1,000,000 each accident  Same as above
Workers Compensation & Employers' Liability $1,000,000 each accident for bodily
injury; or $1,000,000 each employee
City to be provided a waiver
of subrogation

Questions regarding this insurance should be directed to the Special Events Coordinator at (830)990-2044 or