1. Animal Shelter & Services

    View animals in need of homes and learn how to volunteer your time and efforts.

  2. Building Permits / Inspections

    Learn about commercial and residential construction and access building permits.

  3. City Facilities

    Learn which facilities are utilized throughout Fredericksburg.

  4. Code Compliance

    Read the code compliance and learn how to stay within codes.

  5. Communications

    Read the Fredericksburg Municipal Messenger, browse news stories, and connect to our social media sites.

  6. Employment Opportunities

    View and apply for open positions throughout the city.

  7. E-Services

    Access the city calendar, news updates, and more to stay updated on the latest activities.

  8. Maps

    View maps of the City's Zoning, Landuse, Historic Districts, and more.

  9. Online Bill Pay

    Pay your city bills online.

  10. Police Services

    Access the divisions of the department, view the provided services, and browse events and photos.

  11. Public Notices / Bid Announcements

  12. Request Tracker

    Submit and track requests you submit to the city.