2018 Annual Report

Some call it Fredericksburg.  Some call it Fritztown.  Some call it Fred.  Some just refer to it as The Burg.  Regardless of what you call it, we are truly fortunate to be able to call Fredericksburg home!  It is difficult to travel anywhere in the great State of Texas, or the United States for that matter, and not meet someone who will tell you, “You’re from Fredericksburg?  I just LOVE Fredericksburg!”

While everything is bigger in Texas, it is difficult to measure the immense amount of pride we hold from living and working in Fredericksburg.  The leaders of our community and our employees hold our core values of Community, Leadership, Integrity, and Customer Service in the highest regard.  

While some are content to call it Fredericksburg, we are quite proud to call it HOME.

We are pleased to present the City of Fredericksburg 2018 Annual Report which highlights our accomplishments for the year.  The document can be viewed by clicking the image of the report.  If you would like a hard copy, they are available at City Hall.

Annual Report 2018