Transportation Projects

In November 2019, the City of Fredericksburg, Texas initiated a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) to be performed by Kimley-Horn. The purpose of the TIS is to determine means to provide local congestion relief. The TIS covers two major components – 1) an evaluation of high-priority new connection projects, and 2) operational and safety improvements at intersections in the City Limits. These connections include:

  • Post Oak / Cherry Extension (completes gap from Bowie St to Main St, widens Post Oak)
  • Mulberry Extension (connects Mulberry at Llano to Main at Eagle)
  • Frederick Rd Extension (SH 16 to US 290 E)
  • Inner Loop Extension (formerly Friendship Lane or Interim Relief Route from SH 16 to US 87 N)

This study is independent of the TxDOT Fredericksburg Relief Route Feasibility Study.  For more information regarding this study, please visit:

Executive Summary

The entire Executive Summary containing results and benefits can be viewed HERE.

In addition to the high priority projects, smaller safety and operational improvement projects have been identified and evaluated that could have a high impact in the near-term.  These smaller projects are intended to work together with the high priority projects to help relieve congestion on the primary arterials and collector roads in and around the City of Fredericksburg. Potential funding sources are being explored as part of the study, with a possible bond proposition resulting from the study recommendations.  The study is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2020, and recommendations will be presented to City Council for consideration at a later date.

Take the Survey

The community can give their input on these projects by completing the Transportation Projects Study Survey at  All responses are due by February 14th.

Reference maps can be used for survey questions number 4 and 5.

Storyboards from Open House

The storyboards on display at the January 28th Open House can be viewed HERE.

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