Market Square Redevelopment Commission

From the very beginning, John O. Meusebach, founder of Fredericksburg, had a vision for this land.

“Meusebach inquired whether the park he laid out in the center of town was being enjoyed. Nimitz answered that it was a gathering place where people took time to visit. Friends often lingered there. Plans were in the making to have band concerts in the park. Children enjoyed playing there, Nimitz reported, and mothers often designated it as a place to meet with their children.  All of this pleased Meusebach, for he felt the colonists deserved everything which added to their pleasure. One can believe he hoped this area surrounding the Vereins Kirche would be kept as a place which invited communication and private reflection and that commercial use would not intrude upon its quiet beauty.”

Taken from a conversation between John O. Meusebach, founder of Fredericksburg, and Charles Henry Nimitz, owner of the Nimitz Hotel in the 1880s. 

Since the mid-nineties, many improvements have been made to Marktplatz. These include:

  • Three pavilions: Adelsverein Halle, Oktoberfest Halle, Kinder Halle
  • Meeting Room: Fest Room (Fest Zimmer)
  • Children’s playground (Kinderplatz)
  • Catering Kitchen: (Die Küche)
  • Outdoor tables and benches 
  • Vereins Kirche ADA accessibility
  • Landscaping and hardscape
  • History garden improvements
  • Restroom facilities
  • Peace Treaty bronze 
  • Festive tree lighting
  1. Andrea Schmidt

    Director of Parks and Recreation