Vendor Permits - Door to Door

Vendor Permit Sample

The City of Fredericksburg requires a door to door Vendor business, and all employees to obtain a permit ID card allowing the business to operate within the residential city limits. 

An application for the permit is required and each person representing the business must present their driver’s license, in person, at the Fredericksburg Police Department. A criminal background check will be performed through the Texas Department of Public Safety before a permit ID card will be issued. 

The permit ID card must be worn at all times while the vendor is going door to door during the hours of 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.


Permit Exemptions

  • Newspaper Carriers
  • Farmers who sell agricultural products that were raised or grown by them 
  • Those who proselytize religion or distribute religious literature even if incidental to such purpose
    there is the sale of some good or service 
  • Those who are engaging in political speech or canvassers
  • Federal, state or local government employees or public utility employees in the performance of
    his/her duty for his/her employer

    Persons who are exempt from the permitting requirements are encouraged to notify the Fredericksburg Police Department as to the approximate dates of the door-to-door activities, and the areas in which they will be working. They may also fill out a Vendor application to be kept on file.

Permit Required

A Peddler or Solicitor desiring to engage in activities as a peddler or solicitor within the City Limits

A Peddler is a person who attempts to make personal contact with a resident at his/her residence
without prior specific invitation or appointment from the resident, for the primary purpose of attempting to
sell any good or service for immediate delivery.

A Solicitor is a person who solicits or attempts to solicit, a resident at his/her residence without prior
specific invitation or appointment from the resident, funds, or orders for services, commercial goods,
wares, merchandise, subscriptions or publications to be delivered at a future date or time or who
distributes or attempts to distribute a handbill or flyer advertising a commercial event or service. A person
who distributes handbills or flyers for a commercial purpose, or advertising an event, activity, good or
service that is offered to the resident for purchase

Vendor Permit Ordinance

Application Process

To apply for a Vendor Permit please contact the Fredericksburg Police Department at 830-997-7585, to set up an appointment