Fredericksburg Volunteers in Police Support

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The Fredericksburg Volunteers in Police Support was established in 1999 as a non-profit corporation. This organization consists of citizen volunteer members who are governed by a Board of Directors and overseen by the Lieutenant of Special Services for the Fredericksburg Police Department. The Board of Directors includes the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director. Additionally, there are positions for the Parliamentarian and Sergeant at Arms. The FVPS members and Board of Directors meet on the second Thursday of each month to discuss old business, plan events, and address new business.

Volunteers perform many functions to support the Fredericksburg Police Department.

Business Identification Program

Business Identification Program

The FVPS maintains the Business Identification Program which provides our officers with business owner's information and contacts, in the event of an emergency. To join or update business information contact Fredericksburg Police Department at (830) 997-7585.

Parade Traffic Enforcement

Volunteer Traffic Control during Parades

Volunteers enforce safety at intersections closed to traffic during parades.

Blue Santa/ Toys for Tots

Blue Santa

FVPS members assist the public during events held at Marktplatz Square. They provide information and directions to visitors.

Residence Check Program

Residence Check

Officers and FVPS Volunteers will drive by the homes of citizens who are on vacation or away for extended periods of time.

To request a residence check, print and fill out a Residence Check Form and drop it by the Law Enforcement Center OR fill out an online form here.

National Drug Take Back Program


Volunteers assist in the collection of unwanted or expired prescription drugs during the Drug Take Back Program each April and October.

Summer Youth Program

Group Picture- Summer Youth Program

Volunteers help officers and community members during the Summer Youth Program that is held annually.

Become A Member of the Fredericksburg Volunteers in Police Support - FVPS

Citizens Police Academy- Logo 3The Fredericksburg Police Department sponsors a Citizens Police Academy to educate the public about the daily activities of its City Law Enforcement and introduce them to the department. The Academy is held on Tuesday nights from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. for eight weeks. Each week, participants attend presentations delivered by Officers of the Fredericksburg Police Department. They learn about Department Organization, the Texas Police Chief's Association Accreditation Program, Patrol Division, Criminal and Juvenile Investigation, School-Based Policing, Special Services, and the FVPS Program. Academy participants get a tour of the Gillespie County Jail and the Law Enforcement Center. They also participate in practical Police Scenarios and Range Day, where class members can shoot department weapons and learn about Tasers, Less Lethal weapons, and their use by officers. 

Upon graduation from the Citizen's Police Academy, participants who are 18 years or older will be eligible to join the Fredericksburg Volunteers in Police Support.