Fee Schedule

Institutional Permit Fee

  • $100 annually with completed application
  • Includes day cares, school cafeterias, county jails, hospital cafeterias that are open to the public, and any other institutions that fall under the definition

Mobile Unit Permit Fee

Re-Inspection Fee

  • $50

Retail Food Permit Fee

Retail Food Permit Fees are determined based on the number of employees per establishment. Click here for application.
Number of Employees
Fees Inside City Limits
Fees Outside City Limits
1 - 5
6 - 19
20 +

Temporary Health Permit Fee

  • $50 per event (good for 14 days)
  • $110 per year (good for one calendar year, running January 1 through December 31)
  • Note all temporary health permit applications must be turned in with payment ten days prior to an event or incur $20 late fee