Fort Martin Scott

The City of Fredericksburg, Texas, welcomes you to Fort Martin Scott. The Fort is owned and managed by the City of Fredericksburg.

As of October 1, 2022, hours of operation will be: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Self-guided tours may be taken other days of the week from dawn to dusk.  Buildings will be locked during those times though.  For more information, please call City Hall at 830-997-7521 or the Parks and Recreation Department at 830-990-2018.

Located out 290 E (Main Street) across from Gillespie County Law Enforcement Center, Fort Martin Scott was the first U.S. Army outpost built on the Texas Frontier. The historic site contains one original garrison building, which has been restored, one late 1800s old farm shed and three reproduction garrison buildings.

The old military fort was in operation from 1848 to 1853 by the U.S. Army. Texas Rangers used the site as a camp, both before and after military occupation. During the Civil War, the Confederate States Army occupied the fort for a brief period. Later abandoned and then purchased and used by the Braeutigam family as a farm, the property was purchased by the City of Fredericksburg in 1949.