Emergency Notification System

The City of Fredericksburg participates in the i-Info Mass Communications System. In the event of an emergency situation, the Fredericksburg Emergency Management staff will use this system to alert our citizens to the danger and to provide any instructions that they need to remain safe. These messages are generated and sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as needed.
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Citizens must register to receive emergency notifications in order to get these messages. Depending on the options that are selected when they register, residents can receive e-mail messages, text messages, telephone calls or all three of these types of notifications. Please note that actual telephone calls are only made by the system in the event of an actual emergency situation. E-mail and text messages are often sent to warn residents of a possible situation or to give advisory information. If you want to receive this type of message, you must elect to receive either e-mail or text messages when you register in the system.

After you register, you can change your selections or remove yourself from the registry by logging in and changing your selections at any time.

Those residents who wish to participate in the system but do not have or wish to use a computer can visit or contact Fredericksburg City Hall and receive a paper form to fill out. Their information will be entered into the system by Emergency Management staff personnel and they will start receiving notices as they are generated.

The service does not charge registrants to receive messages. However standard phone charges, mobile minutes and text messaging rates may apply for calls and text messages that you receive as provided for in your telephone or wireless plan. Click this link or the logo/image to register to receive emergency notifications