Fredericksburg Nature Center

The Fredericksburg Nature Center, located at Lady Bird Johnson Park, offers a unique blend of diverse habitats to visitors. It was built and is operated and maintained by the Friends of the Fredericksburg Nature Center (FFNC).

Fredericksburg is located in the center of several geologic and biologic regions in the southeastern corner of the Edwards Plateau. Geographic location, considered alone, contributes to the overarching diversity found there.

More particularly, the Nature Center is fortunate to be a focus of diversity because of the local hydrology and geology. Within the Nature Center's ten acres you will find 11 distinct habitats, among them:

  • Post Oak Savannah
  • Wetland
  • Riparian
  • Old growth Live Oak woods
  • Native Texas prairie
  • Cedar brake
  • Lake aquatics
  • Mud flats
  • Lake islands
  • Springs and seeps

The Nature Center has over 6,600 feet of beautiful and interesting hiking trails divided among two loop trails and a special 600-yard long wheelchair-accessible trail. All the trails meander through diverse habitats with many species of forbs, woody plants, and grasses along their way. Many important species are marked with identifying signs. There is also abundant insect and amphibian life waiting to be discovered. There are comfortable benches placed conveniently along all of the trails for rest, reflection, and observation.

The Handicapped Accessible Trail (HAT) provides wheelchair-bound visitors access to part of the trail and the bird blind.

All of the trails are well maintained and should present little challenge to the average hiker.

That one small area offers so many species of birds, forbs, grasses, woody plants, amphibians, reptiles, and insects is truly amazing. Come visit the Fredericksburg Nature Center and see for yourself! For more information, visit the web site of the Fredericksburg Nature Center.