Water Conservation


Fredericksburg and Gillespie County remain in "Extreme" to "Exceptional" Drought conditions as per the State Drought Monitor.

Measures & Methods

In August 2000, the City of Fredericksburg created the Water Conservation Measures ordinance, adopting a Drought Contingency Plan (DCP). This plan gives City leaders a means to conserve the available drinking water supply for all citizens. The plan establishes the criteria for the initiation and termination of the five drought response stages, the restrictions on certain water uses, penalties for violating the restrictions, provisions for enforcement, and procedures for granting variances.

Do YOUR Part

Probably the most important contributing factor in the enacting of the watering restriction stages is CUSTOMER USAGE or CONSUMPTION. Information is available in a number of places to help educate homeowners and create public awareness about irrigation, water recycling, and water conservation. Several pieces of literature on these topics can be found on the Texas Water Development Board’s website. Included in this literature are ways to calculate just how much water your lawn needs and methods of indoor and outdoor conservation. Be smart - use common sense when using water.

Additional Information & Links

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