¡Por Vida! Healthy Food Program

                                                    The Gillespie County Coalition for Healthy Eating invites you to participate in ¡POR VIDA! 

                                                                                Looking for healthy restaurant options?  Check out ¡POR VIDA!



Participating Restaurants
HCM Oak Tree Café
Becky's Juicerie
Sunset Grill
Ginger & Spice
Clear River Pecan Company
K-Bob's Steakhouse
Café at the Ridge
Pasta Bella
Sozial Haus

Your establishment can play an active role in the health of the community. Our registered dietitian will review existing menus to establish which items meet the healthy criteria guidelines. We are not the “food police”: we will only offer healthy suggestions upon request. If a menu item fits, we ask that you identify those items by making the ¡POR VIDA! logo visible to your customers. We will then advertise your establishments in our ¡POR VIDA! promotions at no cost.

To sign up, please download and complete the ¡POR VIDA! Information Packet

Here is a summary of how the program works:


  • A registered dietitian confidentially evaluates your recipe (s) to determine which ones meet the established healthy nutritional criteria guidelines.
  • Qualifying menu items receive the ¡POR VIDA! Designation.
  • Food establishments are authorized to use the ¡POR VIDA! logo as they choose for advertising (i.e. new menu, menu insert, menu stickers)
  • Your establishment will receive free advertising in our ¡POR VIDA! Promotions.
  • You will have access to a registered dietitian for recipe inquiries and staff education, including tips on how to make a recipe healthier without sacrificing taste.

Take into consideration these points regarding the ¡POR VIDA! Program:

  • Across the nation, local governments have already begun implementing ordinances to regulate the nutritional content of food establishment offerings.
  • It is likely that this trend will continue throughout the United States as healthcare costs and obesity rates continue to rise.
  • Food establishments will benefit from taking a proactive approach to address these issues before law requires it.
  • Consumers are beginning to expect nutritional information for all food consumed and food establishments may benefit from having this information available.
  • The ¡POR VIDA! Program will assume responsibility for the accuracy of the nutritional information based on the recipes submitted. This limits the burden on restaurants.
The ¡POR VIDA! Program provides numerous benefits to your customers. Your concern about their health will create goodwill and invaluable “word of mouth” promotion.

To sign up, please download and complete the
¡POR VIDA! Information Packet

For general/administrative information, please contact:
Kelli Olfers, R.S. 830-997-7521 Email: kolfers@fbgtx.org 
   For recipe analysis/submission information, please contact:
Mary Kaye Sawyer-Morse, PhD, RDN  Email: msawyer-morse@hillcountrymemorial.org
 Kim Thornton, RD, LD Email: kthornton@hillcountrymemorial.org

For more information see Por Vida at Hill Country Memorial Hospital web site.