Mobile Food Establishment Requirements

What is the definition of a Mobile Food Establishment?
 According to Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER), a Mobile Food Unit (MFU) is a vehicle mounted, self or otherwise propelled, self-contained food service operation, designed to be readily moveable (including, but not limited to catering trucks, trailers, push carts, and roadside vendors) and used to store, prepare, display, serve or sell food. Mobile units must completely retain their mobility at all times. A Mobile Food Unit does not mean a stand or a booth.  A roadside food vendor and pushcart may be licensed as MFUs.
To operate a Mobile Food Establishment, the following information should be reviewed and completed as necessary:

  • Step #1: Submit a completed Mobile Food Permit Application along with a copy of your Food Manager's Certification;
  • Step #2: Determine if you are using a Central Preparation Facility or not. If you are using a Central Preparation Facility, submit a copy of the retail health permit and a copy of the last health inspection report. If you are not using a Central Preparation Facility, submit the Variance Request for the Central Preparation Facility.
  • Step #3: Once all required paperwork is submitted, please call to schedule an appointment for an inspection at (830) 990-2027. The inspection will cover the items in the Mobile Food Establishment Inspection Checklist, so please review the document prior to scheduling your inspection.
Required Permit Fee:
  • Permit fee is $200.00 and expires one year from date of issue.
Additional Forms and Resources: