Historic Preservation

Fredericksburg was founded May 8, 1846. Immigrant families, from what is now known as Germany, were given a town lot measuring 100' x 200' and a 10 acre outlot. Most families first build a log home or half-timbered fachwerk and later more substantial stone homes. Many of these homes are still standing. Subsequent generations also left their mark on the built environment as they built their businesses along Main Street (formerly known as San Saba). It is the duty of the Historic Preservation Officer and the Historic Review Board to protect historic properties within the local historic district and individual landmarks. 

Map of Historic District

List of Individual Landmarks Outside of Historic District.

In 2017, City Council hired the first Historic Preservation Officer to oversee changes to historic properties. Properties located within the historic district and individual landmarks must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness for all exterior changes.

Certificate of Appropriateness Application.

Alterations to historic properties should be done is such a way so as to retain original material and features. The purpose of the adopted Guidelines is to provide information on rehabilitation and restoration to property owners BEFORE any decisions or work is done. The guidelines are based upon national standards.
Link to Design Guidelines .

2003 Survey with Ratings
The Fredericksburg Historic Resources Survey Update is primarily a documentation and
evaluation of all resources, regardless of age and architectural integrity, within the
boundaries of the Fredericksburg Historic District. Each primary resource, with the exception of empty lots, was evaluated and assigned a
rating based upon its current architectural integrity and, if known, historical and cultural
value. These evaluations reflect an assessment of each property's relative significance
within a local context. These assessments should not be considered static, but can and
should be changed to reflect the evolving status of properties. Since the scope of work did
not include any site-specific historical research, the priority assessments may be upgraded
if future research reveals significant historical or cultural associations. A property's rating
may also change if future rehabilitation efforts or alterations affect its historic
architectural integrity.

Historic Preservation Ordinance - Updated 2017
The Historic Preservation Ordinance and Design Guidelines are an effort by the City to maintain economic vitality, to protect property values, and to preserve the integrity and character of the historic properties in a manner of quality indicative of Fredericksburg. 

The HRB has made a recommendation to City Council for changes to Chapter 29 of the sign ordinance to address the uniqueness of the historic district. City Council has not voted on the changes at this time. Below is a summary of proposed changes:  

  1. Limit number of Total Signs based on linear feet.                                                                                              Linear Feet (LF) of Building Frontage  |    Total Allowable Number of Signs                                                              ≤40 LF                                                   max of three (3) signs                                                            >40 LF and ≤55 LF                                               max of four (4) signs                                                                >55 LF and ≤ 70 LF                                                max of five (5) signs                                                                             >70 LF                                                           max six (6) signs 
  2. Limit total square footage to 1 square foot for every 1 linear foot of building frontage.
  3. Include window signage in permit/review. Window signs not to exceed 25% of glass area.

If you have questions or concerns about the proposed changes please feel free to reach out to Anna Hudson at the City of Fredericksburg. If there’s enough interest she can give a presentation to business owners.

Historic Review Board