August 7, 2019

What is Your Organization Planning for the 175th Anniversary?

By Ernie Loeffler, President/CEO, Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau

Fredericksburg will start the celebration of the 175th anniversary of its founding on the weekend of May 6-9, 2021.  The anniversary steering committee under the leadership of Tony Klein, Chair, and Linda Langerhans, Vice-Chair, is meeting.  Sub-committees are planning the festivities for the opening weekend. 

However, the steering committee is asking all local organizations who plan annual events to incorporate the anniversary theme into your events during the celebration year which runs from May 8, 2021 to May 9, 2022.  Fredericksburg was founded on May 8, 1846, and the peace treaty with the Penateka Comanche was signed on May 9, 1847. 

The overall theme of the year-long anniversary celebration is “Lasting Fredericksburg.” There are monthly themes as well.  In 2021, they are May – Lasting Craftsmanship, June - Lasting Traditions, July – Lasting Family Heritage, August – Lasting Stewardship of Land, September – Lasting Education, October – Lasting Health Care, November – Lasting Innovation, and December – Lasting Faith. 

In 2022, the monthly themes are January – Lasting Service, February – Lasting Leadership, March – Lasting Commerce, April – Lasting Arts and Music, and May – Lasting Friendship. 

Local organizations are also encouraged to plan an event or project specifically for the anniversary year. 

To start your creativity flowing, here are a few examples of events/projects that are being considered or planned.

The Gillespie County Fair Association has indicated they will stage the Easter Fires as part of the 175th anniversary celebration on Saturday, April 16, 2022. 

The Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau is considering the production of a short documentary film on the history of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County which would be shown daily at a set time in the theater at the Fredericksburg Visitor Information Center during the anniversary year. 

The Gillespie County Ministerial Alliance is working on a community-wide worship service on the opening weekend of the anniversary in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer. 

The Fredericksburg High School football program is working on incorporating an anniversary design element on their helmets for the football season in 2021. 

A group is working on bringing the original peace treaty “home” to Fredericksburg for a limited exhibition on the final weekend of the anniversary year.  The document is permanently housed in the Texas State Library.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for local residents to see the actual peace treaty document. 

The marketing committee of the 175th anniversary has compiled an event planning toolkit.  If your organization has not received a copy, please contact Sean Doerre, Communications Associate at the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau, to request this free toolkit.  Sean can be reached at (830)997-6523 or via email at

If you have a question relating to the 175th anniversary, please email the anniversary steering committee at

The website for the anniversary event is and please follow the anniversary at

There are approximately 140 shopping days until Christmas.  And just 21 months until the start of the 175th anniversary celebration of the founding of Fredericksburg.  It may sound like a long time into the future, but both Christmas and the anniversary year will be here before we know it!  

What is your organization planning for the 175th anniversary? 

November 21, 2017

Fredericksburg’s 175th anniversary logo selected

Creator receives Anniversary Key to City

Fredericksburg has a logo to celebrate 175 years – the dodransbicentennial celebration.

Lara Bobo of Fredericksburg was announced as the creator of the winning logo in the 175th logo contest and presented with an Anniversary Key to the City in front of the Vereins Kirche Museum on Monday by 175th Anniversary Steering Committee Co-Chairs Tony Klein and Fredericksburg Mayor Linda Langerhans.

The logo highlights Fredericksburg’s iconic building, the Vereins Kirche Museum, as well as the historic library. It is further marked by fireworks over the buildings and the anniversary time frame: 1846 – 2021.

“Fredericksburg has a rich and proud history,” Mr. Klein said.  “I think everyone will like this logo, and it came about through volunteer submissions. We received many great submissions.”

The key will entitle Mrs. Bobo and her immediate family to enter anniversary related events for free during the celebratory year.

The invitation for logo submissions was announced in the Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post and on Facebook, and the invitation drew over 30 submissions, effectively kicking off anniversary preparations. The anniversary year will begin May 8, 2020, and it will extend for 12 months to 175th anniversary date of May 8, 2021.

“This is the first of many opportunities to participate in Fredericksburg’s celebration preparations,” said Mrs. Langerhans. “It will be a celebration to reflect our history, culture, accomplishments and community. Individuals, businesses and organizations will all be invited to participate.”

Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods donated a bottle of Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce and Salsa available for all logo contest submitters.

September 13, 2017

Fredericksburg to celebrate 175 years in 2021

Fredericksburg Anniversary Committee volunteers have begun planning for Fredericksburg’s 175th Anniversary in 2021, marking its founding in 1846.

Organizers will involve as many people and organizations as possible to remember and celebrate historic events, ancestors and culture throughout the year 2021.

“We have observed our major anniversaries since our founding in 1846,” Fredericksburg Anniversary Chairman Tony Klein said. “We have had incredible celebrations as a community, and the 175th anniversary events will carry on that tradition. We invite citizens, businesses and organizations to participate as we plan festivities and celebrate Fredericksburg’s heritage.”

Joe Kammlah, chairman of the 175th history sub-committee, said the celebration will highlight Fredericksburg’s storied past. “We have a great team of local historians who are helping teach and enlighten others about our rich history,” he said. “This is going to be an exciting celebration for everyone who loves Fredericksburg.”

Anniversary Committee Vice-Chairperson and Fredericksburg Mayor Linda Langerhans said Fredericksburg citizens and organizations will be invited to organize and create events to reflect the overall celebration. She said, “We have many civic and social organizations in town which are eager to participate in the anniversary, and we are hopeful to have all involved.”

The 175th Fredericksburg Anniversary Steering Committee includes: Chairman Tony Klein, Vice Chair Linda Langerhans, Treasurer Gary Neffendorf , Secretary Marion Wiggins, and members: Connie Crenwelge, Tim Dooley, Krista Gratigni, Debbie Farquhar, Lester Frantzen, Steven Harris, Barbara Heinen, Marty Kaderli, Joe Kammlah, Timothy Koock, Amanda Koone, Ernie Loeffler, Penny McBride, Chris Nevins, Hector Pedregon, Karen Oestreich, Loretta Schmidt, Chris Schoessow, Troy Sifford, Will Stehling and Glen Treibs.

To learn more about Fredericksburg’s upcoming anniversary, go to More information will also be published in the Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post as it becomes available.