Entry Corridor Design Standards

Entry Corridor Design Standards

Entry Corridor Map

The purpose is to create a set of Design Standards for new development and redevelopment in the entry corridors of Fredericksburg. These guidelines will ensure that new development in Fredericksburg protects and enhances the experience of entering the City and keeps it consistent, attractive and responsive to the unique Hill Country character.


The Design Standards shall apply to all properties directly adjacent to the entry corridors. These properties are identified on “Figure 20: Entry Corridor Properties Governed by Design Standards” on page 68. A land owner or developer must follow the Standards and Guidelines concurrent with a zone change, a use category change or issuance of one of the following permits:

1. Building Permit

2. Sign Permit

3. Street and Sidewalk Construction Permit

4. Conditional Use Permit

5. Site Plan Review

6. Platting

7. Placement in the Public R.O.W Permit

8. Temporary Use Permit

Building Design

1. Architectural Style

2. Architectural Materials

3. Architectural Color

4. Architectural Features

5. Massing & Scale

6. Signage

7. Building Height

8. Setbacks & Frontage

Site Design

9. Landscaping

10. Lighting

11. Service Areas

12. Parking & Access

13. Drainage and Stormwater

14. Streetscape

By addressing development in a comprehensive fashion, the Design Standards will serve as a tool to implement community goals, enhance the entries into Fredericksburg and provide a clear direction for builders on community expectations and standards.