Fredericksburg Police Department

Patrol Sergeant Chief Badge

Mission Statement

Improving life within our community through our commitment to community policing by providing ethical police service to all.

Our Department

The Fredericksburg Police Department is a Texas Chief of Police Association Accredited Agency with 34 TCOLE certified officers, 3 certified Animal Control officers, 3 Administrative Civilian Employees and 65 Volunteers in Police Support. Our commitment is to lead with integrity while providing the best of customer services to our community.

Texas Police Chiefs Association
Texas Law Enforcement Recognition Program

TPCA Awarded Certificate

The TPCA program provides recognition to Texas Law Enforcement Agencies who meet Best Practices in Law Enforcement management and operations. The program requires the police department to prove compliance with 180 best business practices for law enforcement to independent assessors. These best practices are a compilation of practices which address twelve critical areas of law enforcement that form the basis of legal action against police.

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We're leading with integrity while providing the best customer services to our community.