San Antonio Street Sewer Main Rehabilitation

Status as of August 16, 2018

The City of Fredericksburg will be replacing approximately 3,500 feet of sanitary sewer line over the next 45 to 60 days.  The project location is shown on the map below and consist of two phases.  The construction in TxDOT right of way, including Main Street (across from McDonald’s) and Washington Street (at the intersection of Washington and San Antonio Street) will consist of tunnel boring under the road for the installation of a 24” diameter steel casing and 18” HDPE sanitary sewer pipe.  A trenchless technology construction method, known as pipe bursting, will be utilized to replace and upsize the remainder of the sanitary sewer pipe for the project.  The pipe bursting construction consist of a cutting head with the replacement pipe attached, lowered into the existing sewer pipe. The cutting head is pulled by a cable and pushed by a pneumatic air compressor through the existing pipe, which cuts through old pipe expanding it underground replacing the old sewer line.  After the new pipe is pulled into place, each individual sewer service is dug up and connected to the new sewer line.

Construction is scheduled to start later this week and continue for the next 45 to 60 days. This construction is necessary to replace an old clay pipe, as well increase the size of the gravity flow sanitary sewer line.

Sewer Line Construction Area