Stormwater & Vegetation Management Program

In 2019, the City of Fredericksburg implemented a dedicated Stormwater / Vegetation Management program within the Public Works Department to provide relief to the Street, Sanitation, Water, and Electric Divisions which previously provided vegetation management related duties.  Prior to this new program implementation, over 8,000 man-hours were spent annually by other divisions on vegetation related services such as street sweeping, gutter and inlet cleaning, tree trimming, removal of invasive species, and other drainage and water quality-oriented services.  The new program helps to reduce redundant operations / equipment purchases and frees up crews in other divisions to focus on their department's main duties.  The program also helps to protect our community and the environment from flooding, creek erosion, damage to aquatic habitat, and pollution of our streams and rivers.

What services will the stormwater & vegetation management program provide?

  • Mowing / clearing of City-maintained drainage channels and rights-of-way
  • Quarterly residential street sweeping
  • Gutter, inlet, and creek debris clean out
  • Tree trimming and invasive brush removal
  • Infrastructure improvements to minimize flooding
  • Pollution prevention
  • Other drainage and water quality oriented services
Stormwater 1

How will the program be funded?

Most of the funding for program comes from the City’s Drainage Utility Fee.  Each developed property pays a utility fee based on the property's impact to the storm collection system.  This is based on the impervious area, or hard surface, such as rooftops and parking lots, on each property that is obtained from the Gillespie Central Appraisal District.  The fee is added to your monthly utility bill.

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