Common Code Violations

Community beautification takes community effort. In order for a community to thrive, the partnership and participation of all residents are required. The City of Fredericksburg's Code of Ordinances are intended to benefit all residents while making our community neighborhoods a safe place to live, work, and play. These codes help protect the health, safety, and welfare of our residents. Compliance with these codes may reduce vandalism, deter crime, and prevent deterioration of our neighborhoods.

Illegal Signs

Signs are not permitted on utility poles, off premises, or in the right-of-way. These include political and garage sale signs, among others.

Overfull Trash Can

Setting out a garbage can for collection which is so full that the lid will not close is a violation of the Solid Waste Ordinance and may result in a citation

Water Violations

Conservation measures are in place to protect the available water supply. Watering outside of your allowed time is a violation.

High Grass and Weeds

Grass and weeds over 12" (inches) tall are a violation. Property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping their lawns mowed.

Junked Vehicles

A vehicle that is inoperable or has remained inoperable for 30 consecutive days on private property, or 72 consecutive hours on public property may result in a citation.

Public Nuisance

Any accumulation of material that creates an unsanitary, unsightly, or unsafe environment, may result in a violation. This includes the accumulation of tires, debris and appliances