2020 Annual Report

This Annual Report highlights the accomplishments of each City department. As you review this report, please keep in mind that these accomplishments were realized by a relatively small staff of about 160 City employees. These employees worked hand in hand with the City Council, advisory boards, and citizen volunteers. 

These accomplishments would also not have been possible without the partnerships we enjoy with numerous local organizations. This includes Gillespie County, the Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Economic Development Commission, Hill Country Memorial, and FISD, as well as civic organizations and local churches. These individuals and organizations supported the City throughout the year and should share in the pride of the accomplishments noted in this report. 

The year 2020 brought a new set of challenges to every City department as we dealt with the many issues related to COVID-19. While we normally devote staff time every year to planning for emergency disasters, nothing could have fully prepared us for this pandemic. However, City employees met the challenges of the pandemic and we were able to provide essential services without interruptions. This included Police, Fire/EMS, Electric, Water/Wastewater, Sanitation and Building Permit/Inspection services.

One thing that the virus has taught all of us is the importance of being flexible so that we can react to suddenly changing conditions. We apparently reacted quite well as we realized many major accomplishments which are included in this report. Our local economy rebounded very well after several months of decreased activity. And the City’s financial position also improved due to budget adjustments that were made during the year. As 2020 came to a close, we started to see hopeful signs that the impact from the virus was diminishing.

In reviewing this Annual Report, it is important that we ask ourselves certain questions. Are we on the right track to achieving some of our long-range visions? Are there specific actions that the City and other local organizations have taken that were recommended in this visioning report? What additional steps do we need to take over the next several years to more fully address some of our long-range visions? Are we moving forward with the changes and improvements needed to ensure that people will continue to enjoy the opportunity to live and work in Fredericksburg for many years? 

We are pleased to present the City of Fredericksburg 2020 Annual Report which highlights our accomplishments for the year.  The document can be viewed and printed by clicking the image of the report.  

The 2020 Annual Report video is available on our YouTube channel - Fredericksburg, TX USA.

Annual Report 2020 - Cover