2021 Annual Report

This Annual Report highlights the accomplishments of each City department. As you review this report, please keep in mind that these accomplishments were realized by a relatively small staff of about 160 City employees. These employees worked hand in hand with the City Council, advisory boards, and citizen volunteers. 

These accomplishments would also not have been possible without the partnerships we enjoy with numerous local organizations. This includes Gillespie County, the Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Economic Development Commission, Hill Country Memorial, and FISD, as well as civic organizations and local churches. These individuals and organizations supported the City throughout the year and should share in the pride of the accomplishments noted in this report. 

The year 2021 brought a new set of challenges to every City department as we dealt with the many issues related to COVID-19. While we normally devote staff time every year to planning for emergency disasters, nothing could have fully prepared us for this pandemic. However, City employees met the challenges of the pandemic and we were able to provide essential services without interruptions. This included Police, Fire/EMS, Electric, Water/Wastewater, Sanitation and Building Permit/Inspection services.

In addition to continuing to deal with the pandemic in 2021, we also dealt with a major ice storm, increased citizen participation at City Council meetings, and extensive discussions about new short-term rental regulations.  At times many of us felt like the year would never end.  However, throughout this challenging period, the City Council and City staff remained strong by working as a team.  One factor that really helped with difficult situations we faced was knowing that Fredericksburg was continuing to progress even in the face of these major challenges.  

This Annual Report is dedicated to Fredericksburg Strong which includes the strength of the community, the strength of our citizens, the strength of our elected officials, and the strength of the City staff.  One of the most visible signs of this strength is that our City survived the many impacts from the pandemic in much better shape that virtually any other City in the State of Texas.  All you need to do is look around at the abundance of visitors, the new City projects, the new residential and commercial buildings, and the level of overall economic activity.  As we begin 2022, we are in great shape with a renewed hope and excitement for the coming years. 

We are pleased to present the City of Fredericksburg 2021 Annual Report which highlights our accomplishments for the year.  The document can be viewed and printed by clicking the image of the report.  

Annual Report 2021 - Cover