Transportation Projects

The City of Fredericksburg will be hosting an open house to share findings and collect public input on a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for potential locally sponsored transportation projects.  The Open House will be held on Tuesday, January 28th, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the Gillespie County Law Enforcement Center located at 1601 East Main Street, in Fredericksburg. Project information, costs, maps, and project performance information will be presented along with cost-benefit analysis.  The City will consider public comments, review, and incorporate them into the final report.

The City is in the process of conducting a study to assess high priority projects that could help relieve traffic congestion in and around the City. These high priority projects, identified through the 2017 Transportation Master Plan and through public input on the TxDOT Relief Route Corridor Feasibility Study, include:

  • South Cherry Street Extension/Post Oak Road Reconstruction (SW Quadrant of the City)
  • Highway 16 North to Highway 290 East Connection (NE Quadrant of the City)
  • Inner Loop or Interim Relief Route

In addition to the high priority projects, smaller safety and operational improvement projects have been identified and evaluated that could have a high impact in the near-term.  These smaller projects are intended to work together with the high priority projects to help relieve congestion on the primary arterials and collector roads in and around the City of Fredericksburg. Potential funding sources are being explored as part of the study, with a possible bond proposition resulting from the study recommendations.  The study is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2020, and recommendations will be presented to City Council for consideration at a later date.

Transportation Projects Study Flyer