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Marktplatz Rental Agreement

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  2. City of Fredericksburg Parks & Recreation Department
    126 W. Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
  3. Marktplatz Rental Agreement
    It is recommended that reservations be made far in advance and reservations can be made one year in advance for this popular venue. Marktplatz is booked for most weekends early in the year. You may complete this online rental agreement or call the first day of the month, one year prior to your event. The rental agreement is required acknowledging Park Administrative Rules and Prohibited Practices. Payment of deposits and fees is required at the time of reservation, unless other written arrangements are agreed upon, or the reservation will not be made. Recurring reservations or ones needing more than a year in advance must be approved by City Council.
  4. Please check the facility(ies) you are renting:*
    *Excludes City Hall/Fire Station, City Hall Annex, Police Substation and Vereins Kirche. Fees are per day, unless noted otherwise. Non-profits receive 50% off reservation fees (please select checkbox below).
  5. Upload IRS Form 990 or proof of your non-profit status to receive 50% off reservation fees (make sure you have selected the Non-profit discount checkbox above):
  6. 300+ attendees is defined as a "special event" and additional paperwork is required.
  7. Required Deposits; please check the appropriate box below:*
    $1,000.00 for event attendance 300 to 1,000 people and; $3,000.00 for event attendance 1,000+
  8. For example: birthday party, graduation celebration, family reunion, etc.
  9. Please include any set-up and clean-up time. Security is required for events that end past 10pm or events with alcohol.
  10. If your event is only on one day, skip to the next section.
  11. If needed, enter the date and time for day #3.
  12. Responsible Party:
    Please complete the section below with the responsible party's contact information.
  13. Please include area code.
  14. Event details:
    Please use the dropdown menus to select yes or no for each question.
  15. For example, you would like to ask permission to bring a children's amusement, animals, or an activity.
  16. Please read and acknowledge with form submittal:
    Park Ad Rules Prohibited Practices
  17. Thank you!
    Thank you for renting with Fredericksburg Parks & Recreation Department. We will be in contact with you shortly to complete your reservation and go over any additional requirements. By submitting this rental agreement, you have indicated you agree to follow the Park Administrative Rules and Prohibited Practices listed above. Should you have any questions before we contact you, please call (830) 990-2044 or email:
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