Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for investigating and prosecuting crimes. They are highly trained and can also assist the department with negotiations and crime prevention classes.

The job responsibilities include:

  • Conducting investigations at crime scenes
  • Obtaining search warrants for evidence collection and analyzing the scene
  • Collecting latent prints, DNA, dangerous drugs, and chemicals
  • Conducting forensic interviews of suspects and witnesses
  • Acting as a liaison between victims and prosecutors
  • Collaborating with state and federal agencies to handle interstate crimes
  • Educating people about crime prevention
  • Providing security to dignitaries
  • Investigating narcotics-related crimes
  • Registering and tracking sex offenders
  • Gathering criminal intelligence
  • Investigating cases involving juveniles
  • Managing the evidence room, including, maintaining the storage and integrity of evidence, submission of evidence to the lab, courts, and proper disposal


Lt. Weed

Terry Weed

 Javier Sanchez
 Bryan Davis
 Thomas Rivera

Gillespie County Crime Stoppers- TIPS

Crime Stoppers QR CodeThe Fredericksburg Police Department works in conjunction with the Gillespie County Crime Stoppers to solve crimes.

There are four ways to report a crime anonymously:

-Mobile App:  P3 Tips


-Hotline: (830)997-8477 (TIPS)

-Scan the QR code located above and follow the prompts on your device. 

To learn more about TIPS click here.