Residential Landfill Voucher

Residential garbage customers are entitled to one free landfill voucher per calendar year.  This voucher entitles the resident to bring one load (up to 2,000 lbs / $55) to the City of Fredericksburg's Sanitary Landfill. This voucher may only be redeemed by, or for, the customer listed on the voucher and is non-transferable.  Vouchers can be picked up from the Customer Service Representatives downstairs at City Hall.

The voucher should be presented to the landfill attendant upon entering the landfill scale, prior to disposing of the items into the landfill.  All items should be sorted and separated prior to arriving at the landfill.  Loads must be tied down or secured with a tarp, or a $10 fine will be assessed.

Items that we CAN accept:

Bicycles, televisions, steel pipes, furniture, mattresses, carpets, lawn mowers, garden equipment, yard waste, tree stumps, and non-toxic household garbage that does not fit into the normal garbage collection container.

Items that we CAN accept, but we must continue to charge a fee for:

Because the City incurs additional costs in processing the following items, we must continue to charge a non-tonnage fee to dispose of paint, pesticides, oil filters, batteries, tires, and any household appliances that contain freon.  If your actual tonnage fee is less than the $55 voucher amount, the remaining balance may be used to offset these additional fees.

If you have any questions about what is or is not acceptable, please call the staff at the landfill at (830)997-3459 prior to bringing your items out to the landfill.