Cross Mountain Park

Renovations to Cross Mountain Park to Begin the week of January 17, 2021

Fredericksburg, TX - The Fredericksburg Nimitz Rotary Club will be making some renovations to the cross at Cross Mountain Park beginning the week of January 17, 2021. Volunteers from the club are donating their time beginning Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Weather permitting, they will be repainting the cross. Lights on the cross could be turned off for up to four weeks as Parks and Recreation Department staff will also be making repairs to the lighting system. Local businesses including Ace Hardware and Class A Rentals in Fredericksburg help make projects like this possible, We thank them for their support of this effort. For any questions or information on Cross Mountain Park, please contact Andrea Schmidt at (830)990-2018.

On North Milam just at the outskirts of town you will make a left turn into Cross Mountain Park.

Cross Mountain is located on a historic marl and limestone hill with an elevation of 1951 ft. It was used as an Indian lookout prior to early settlers. In 1847 during the settling of Fredericksburg a timber cross was found on the hilltop. Early Fredericksburg pioneers gave this hill the name “Kreuzberg” or Cross Mountain. In 1946, the permanent lighted cross was raised. Recently worked was completed by volunteers to add a new trail and three picnic areas.

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